Just the facts……

Posted on 07/05/2011


My “IPO” Date: May 29, 1977. Underwritten by Marge and Kevin Davitt (after a 1976 merger of Cunningham and Davitt)
Growth Stage: Driscoll Catholic High School (RIP) 1991 – 1995, Marquette University 1995 – 1999 (Finance and Political Science).
Maturity (certainly a loose interpretation of the word): Letco Trading/TD Securities 1999 – 2003; Market Street Securities 2003 – 2006; LaSalle/International Futures Group 2008 – 2011; TradeLink LLC 2011.
Sobriety date: March 18, 2007. Arguably cliche, but certainly ironic that an Irish guy has his last drink on Paddy’s Day.

I’m passionate about a number of things and ideally this blog will coalesce around two (or more) things I once believed to be mutually exclusive – trading/the markets and sobriety/recovery.

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