From tee to GREEN (and hopefully lots of it)….

Posted on 07/15/2011


I came to trading via the golf course. I quite literally grew up caddying and outside of a really good day trading, there is absolutely no better job in the world.

On Good Friday in early 1990 my Mom and I took a 10 minute drive through Bloomingdale and into the little hamlet of Medinah Illinois. Little did I know what a profound effect a relatively brief conversation with a combative caddymaster would have on the rest of my life.

Pete Hermes could and should have a book dedicated to him. He took over the caddy program at Medinah the same year that I began looping. I will never be able to properly articulate my gratitude to this almost indescribable man who, over the course of 10 years evolved from a fearsome supervisor and authority figure into a trusted friend and in some ways, a father figure.

I could easily slip into some superlative laden breakdown of my years at Medinah, and perhaps down the road, I will, but at this point….it’s not my ambition. Suffice it to say – I caddied for all different types and I kept a meticulous log of what I was paid for each and every round – and the guys that worked ‘in the markets’ or ‘on the floor’ paid the best. Period! Hands down, and this detail was not lost on me when considering majors and work opportunities out of college.

Medinah both shaped and warped me. I grew up in a very middle class household in a very middle class town, but once you passed through the Byzantine entrance to one of the most prestigious golf courses in the country, all remnants of the middle class were left at the gate.

Over the next decade I was constantly exposed to a very different life and lifestyle than the one I had grown up in (and was perfectly happy with). I went from a scared 12/13 year old boy to a 22 year old man(child). More and more I equated success with material things and membership at exclusive clubs. I also came to believe that the path of least resistance to this life of privilege was embedded somewhere in the derivatives world, which was based, conveniently in Chicago.

To be continued……..

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