Is it just me?

Posted on 07/28/2011


or is the entire debt ceiling dog and pony show very reminiscent of the (just ended) NFL lockout?


Everybody “wanted” football to be played and the labor issue to be resolved, but nobody quite understood all the ins and outs of the process.

Nearly everybody wants to avoid default, ergo they want to raise the debt ceiling but most don’t understand why the two are connected.

There is a TON of money at stake and headstrong power brokers involved in both situations.

Goodell – Obama

DeMaurice Smith – Harry Reid (with Brees, Saturday, Manning, etc played by K. Conrad, D. Durbin, M. Warner)

Robert Kraft – John Boehner/Mitch McConnell

Nobody wants to appear like they “gave in”……..the owners float a deal that they know is untenable to the Players Union to appease their “constituency”. Players Union threatens to walk away. Drama for ESPN. Eventually a conciliatory approach is taken because everyone realizes too much is at stake and the clock is ticking.

Substitute Dems and GOP for owners and players (interchangeable really) and MSNBC, FOX, CSPAN, major news networks for ESPN.

Clock is ticking……….but something will get done.

I tend to think about alternatives in terms of risk v. reward and I simply don’t see any scenario where the “reward” of NOT getting the deal done is commensurate with the risk. Hopefully all involved realize that they have milked the event of all it’s political theater and now it’s time put country first and find some middle ground.