One day at a time….

Posted on 07/29/2011


Of late my posts have been very market-centric, and on this beautiful summer Friday I need to take a moment and be grateful for my sobriety and all that’s come with it!

I’m approaching 4 1/2 years (amazing how time flies) without a drink.

I’m incredibly proud and forever indebted to my family, friends, wife, and hound (blatant Rufus plug) for their unwaivering support.

COUNTLESS great things have happened in the past few years and often it helps to remind yourself of all the good that surrounds!

I found and fell madly in love with a beautiful, inspiring, amazingly talented young woman who  became my wife earlier this year.

I adopted a skittish, underweight, adorable dog named Rufus. He’s still kinda skittish, slightly overweight, and super adorable.

We welcomed a neice, and more recently a nephew into the family and I hope to be an Uncle they can always look up to.

I’ve bolstered my relationship with my entire family and incredible circle of friends. Bless you all.

Thank you , thank you, thank you all.

-In the meantime we elected a person of color to the highest office in the land and Phish is touring again. LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!

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