He’s back…..

Posted on 09/07/2011


…..with some musings on the markets, life, and some other shite.

It’s been a while.

Much has transpired.

I will get back in the swing of things with short declarative statements, Hemingway style.

That reminds me, Hemingway was an incredible writer. I think WHEN you read something (what juncture in life) may be almost as important as WHAT you read. For example, my introduction to F. Scott Fitzgerald was early in high school and I had very little appreciation for his prose, the Roaring 20’s, the Lost Generation, or the Jazz Age. As such, my first reading of The Great Gatsby was perfunctory and rote.

Fast forward a few years, get handed a copy of The Sun Also Rises and I pique a latent interest in boxing, bullfighting, the French Riviera, and the 18th Amendment. Since then I’ve read and enjoyed just about everything Hemingway has written. I’ve also reread Gatsby and although both authors touch on love, loss, friendship, and the zeitgeist of the 1920’s on either side of the Atlantic, nothing can compare to my “first Hemingway”.

Somewhat in the literary vein – I was in one of the few remaining Borders Book stores last night and it made me nostalgic at best/depressed at worst. It was like watching penny pinching vultures picking over the corpse of a bygone era.

I have such fond memories of Borders. It’s one of those places where I would visit for no particular reason, lose track of time, people watch, perhaps buy something (apparently not enough to stave off Chapter 13), and without fail – leave happier than when I walked in. While I understand how difficult it must be to support (financially) the “brick and mortar” in a time of iPads,Kindles, and 9.1% seasonally adjusted unemployment, at the risk of sounding like a jilted old man, I will miss you Borders. I bid you adieu. Thank god (and the hipsters) for independent books stores – but for how much longer?

Switching gears:

The markets stopped taking their medicine last week and schizophrenia again reigns supreme.

According to the government there were ZERO jobs created last month. Prior to Friday’s employment data we were back in the “good news (which was sparce) is good news, but bad news is also good news market” because Helicopter Ben and Crew will arrive shortly with moral hazard dollars (TM pending). It’s a traders market. Buy and hold should file for bankruptcy alongside Borders. It’s also a relic of a bygone era.

My (caffeine riddled) mind is now racing with ways to relate my interest in the authors of the Roaring 20’s, my tendency to imbibe like both Hemingway and F. Scott, and the appeal of options trading in the late 1990’s (when I got started), but I think that’s best left for a future post.