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December 16, 2011


….are arguably the lynchpin to a happy life. The ones we develop with our parents, siblings, significant others, peers, coworkers, etc. They share in our victories and bolster us in defeat. Unimaginable attention has been and will continue to be paid to relationships and for good reason. The entire fields of psychology and music/television/film (among […]

Levels to watch…….

December 14, 2011


Ok, I have very little time to write, but the Santa Claus rally got a stocking full of old carbon emitting coal. The combination of a Fed that unwilling to overtly begin QE3 and Europeans hell bent on austerity WILL LEAD to a new recession in 2012. I have no doubt about that. From a […]

A couple random Friday thoughts…….

December 9, 2011


Some high brow thinking going on this afternoon in Chicago……. I’ve wondered for years (and forgot to confirm/refute when I was last in London) whether pedestrians in the UK and other old British colonies (the ones that still operate vehicles on the “wrong” side) pass one another the same way we do or opposite? Allow me […]

The Advanced Genius Theory

December 9, 2011


or……….Was Irvine Welsh’s Sick Boy actually on to something? It’s been FAR too long and much has transpired in the markets. Too much for me to adequately condense here and now. Most everything went lower, until the morning of October 4th……at which point I wrote this to a handful of friends: I would…. 10/04/11 buy the […]