A couple random Friday thoughts…….

Posted on 12/09/2011


Some high brow thinking going on this afternoon in Chicago…….

I’ve wondered for years (and forgot to confirm/refute when I was last in London) whether pedestrians in the UK and other old British colonies (the ones that still operate vehicles on the “wrong” side) pass one another the same way we do or opposite?

Allow me to elaborate – I live in a big city, about 3 million and the exurbs go on for 50 miles. Sidewalks and escalators in and around Union Station are crowded at 8am and 5pm. Nevertheless, there is an accepted, orderly process that’s understood. You stand on the right side of the escalator if you’re just “riding” and you leave room to pass on the left. Same goes for movement at O’Hare.

Consider also your behavior on the sidewalks. We walk just like we drive, slower “traffic” moves right.

If I’m walking directly toward someone on a Chicago (anywhere in the US) sidewalk (and we’re going in the opposite direction), I will reflexively move to the right. You will do the same. You just will.

My question: in London or Sydney or Calcutta or Johannesburg are people doing the opposite?

Which brings me to my next, wholly unrelated, punctilious query: Is there are conspiracy on the part of our nation’s dairy farmers to expect that you want cheese with that?

(Full disclosure – this issue was first brought to my attention in late 2002 by Mike Riley and Mike Omilinsky)

I just finished a delicious sandwich. Smoked turkey on a pretzel roll. Lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, mustard. I know, you’re jealous right? The guy asks me, what kind of cheese would I like on it and I reflexively answered (pepper jack).

Personal preference aside…….he implied there would be cheese…..I think he even charged me for the pasteurized dairy delight, but why was it understood that I would have cheese on my lunch?

Can you find a two hamburger meal at McDonalds? I don’t think so……those “meat” patties come with a “cheese” all but built in.

Furthermore, I couldn’t even taste the cheese. It was overwhelmed by all the other stuff on my sandwich, but there it was…..direct from Wisconsin or California onto my lunch.

Is there an all-powerful cheese lobby I don’t know about?

Happy Friday.

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