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The Advanced Genius Theory

December 9, 2011


or……….Was Irvine Welsh’s Sick Boy actually on to something? It’s been FAR too long and much has transpired in the markets. Too much for me to adequately condense here and now. Most everything went lower, until the morning of October 4th……at which point I wrote this to a handful of friends: I would…. 10/04/11 buy the […]

Ratatouille Friday…..

September 9, 2011


My mind won’t permit a cohesive narrative today, so in it’s place is Ratatouille Friday….. a hodge podge of thoughts that have been running around in my head lately. Greek/Euro is a problem again. The Equity markets (unenviable) ability to forget about the SYSTEMIC risk that is percolating on the other side of the Atlantic […]

He’s back…..

September 7, 2011


…..with some musings on the markets, life, and some other shite. It’s been a while. Much has transpired. I will get back in the swing of things with short declarative statements, Hemingway style. That reminds me, Hemingway was an incredible writer. I think WHEN you read something (what juncture in life) may be almost as […]

Bulls on Parade….

July 31, 2011


……but for how long? Rally round the family (Speaker of the House and Majority Whip) With a pocket full of shells! (and about 218 votes) The S&P futures dropped back to 1285 late Friday with pervasive uncertainty over the debt situation (unfortunately we didn’t have the chance to get long again @ 1283 and risk new lows). I […]

Is it just me?

July 28, 2011


or is the entire debt ceiling dog and pony show very reminiscent of the (just ended) NFL lockout? Parallels: Everybody “wanted” football to be played and the labor issue to be resolved, but nobody quite understood all the ins and outs of the process. Nearly everybody wants to avoid default, ergo they want to raise […]

One more prediction…..

July 27, 2011


I expect a whole lot on self aggrandizing behavior from Capitol Hill (something they are considerably more adept at than the art of compromise) and I also expect a great deal of “creeping determinism” from the mainstream media after the debt ceiling is lifted. I’ll elaborate and (ideally) illustrate when Boehner breaks out in tears over […]

More on the Silver (or Gold) reco:

July 19, 2011


The Metals pulled back smartly today on the heels of rumored headway on the debt ceiling negotiations. SHOCKER! The headline ought to be “Blowhard Pols, especially first termers decides they like being in a position of power and care to stay there”. What a ridiculous farce. We’ll see how that works next November, but until […]