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All that glitters……

July 28, 2011


… not Gold, so why not trade Silver? I mentioned in the first SI recommendation (selling the 43.50 calls) my preference for Silver options (SI) as opposed to Gold (GC) because it’s inherently a more volatile product. Volatility is NOT a four letter word in my experience, nor is it something that ought to be […]

Silver 43.50 calls……

July 20, 2011


Covered! Good guys 1 – market 0. 43.500C 0.050 0.065 0.050 0.065 -0.056 12:38 325.00 +$750 per contract (or $1,000 if you did not move up the .05 to .10 cover)

More on the Silver (or Gold) reco:

July 19, 2011


The Metals pulled back smartly today on the heels of rumored headway on the debt ceiling negotiations. SHOCKER! The headline ought to be “Blowhard Pols, especially first termers decides they like being in a position of power and care to stay there”. What a ridiculous farce. We’ll see how that works next November, but until […]