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The Advanced Genius Theory

December 9, 2011


or……….Was Irvine Welsh’s Sick Boy actually on to something? It’s been FAR too long and much has transpired in the markets. Too much for me to adequately condense here and now. Most everything went lower, until the morning of October 4th……at which point I wrote this to a handful of friends: I would…. 10/04/11 buy the […]

Breaking BAD!

August 8, 2011


Ok, so the panic is officially on. I contend that it’s been in the mail for months, but nobody appreciates salt-in-the-wound analysis. From where I sit (and write), I believe the first leg of a serious correction is NEARLY complete, but longer term, I think the bottom is (much) lower on the broad based Indices. […]

We’ve found a loser!

August 3, 2011


Ummmmm. 1250 didn’t hold, neither did 1240. The Swiss are intervening in the Currency markets. Gold is exploding higher again. Domestic economic data points toward slowing/negative growth. All winning streaks must come to an end, just ask the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls. STOPPED OUT on the Long S&Ps from 1248 (5 point stop = 1243). The […]

I went down to the Crossroads……

August 3, 2011


…….fell down on my knees (or right to critical support @ 1250) I went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees. Asked the Lord above for mercy, Save me if you please……….. And I’m standin at the Crossroads, believe I’m sinkin down. I wish I had more time to articulate why I firmly […]

Risk OFF…..

August 2, 2011


Make your double dip plans because it’s in the mail! The S&Ps have a bit of support @ 1250 and a bit more @ 1238 (Japan earthquake lows). If we don’t hold soon, all long bets are off (besides Metals, but I expect deflationary concerns to take their toll there too before long).

Take the Money (and Dramamine) and Run!

August 1, 2011


If you’re a fan of, or at least not afraid of volatility, today, and the past few weeks are the things (trading) dreams are made of, particularly in the typically slow “dog days of summer”. As we wait for Speaker Boehner to take to the mic for some more (predicted) self aggrandizing, followed by a […]

What’s that scent you’re wearing……?

July 12, 2011


…….Oh, it’s called ‘Contagion’! In overnight action, Asian equities are getting hammered like a freshman engineering student at MIT (i.e. future Citadel quant) at a Cambridge keg party; down between 1.25% (China) and 2.00% (Hong Kong). S&P futures are tipsy as well, off by about 10 or 0.75%. Apparently the two week dose of Lithium is wearing off […]